How to Create a Workout Plan That Suits You

Hit the gym. Hustle hard. Grind, grind, grind.

Just kidding – we’re not about that life.

Well, we are passionate about health and fitness – but we’re not big fans of the ‘grind’ mindset. In fact, here at Oatein, we’ve created tasty protein snacks designed to make getting protein into your diet easier. So it stands to reason that we’re also supportive of fitness activities that fit more conveniently into your life.

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How to Exercise Without Going to the Gym

Getting fit and healthy doesn’t mean you have to go out and invest in an expensive gym membership. While the gym is a great place to get fit, all it really represents is a place that has all the right equipment and classes to help motivate you.

You can get fit at home just as effectively, provided you have the motivation, desire and a bit of creativity. Exercise also takes many forms – so some activities will be easier to do without the gym than others.
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Protein Bar Calorie Comparisons

Protein bars are a popular protein supplement here in the UK and throughout the world. Various brands are available – but obviously, we think our new and improved Oatein Hype Bar is the best protein bar in the UK. Our main reasoning behind this is all down to our favourite ingredient: oats.

Where many protein bars shout about their protein content as if it’s the be and end-all of their nutritional value, we’re happy to accept slightly lower amounts of protein in our products if it means we can improve taste, avoid that common ‘chalky’ protein bar texture, keep sugar and fat content low and give your body the nutritional benefits of oats.
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How to Make Protein Cookies

It’s no secret that we make some of the tastiest protein cookies in the world right here at Oatein. But if you’re reading this, you’re probably after some cookies right now – and as much as we’d love to, we can’t teleport our products… yet.

Fortunately, it’s easy enough to make DIY protein cookies if you have the right ingredients and a bit of time to throw everything together. By combining sweet treats and protein content, you’ll be enjoying some delicious that also helps to push you towards your fitness goals.
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Behind The Brand: Oatein | With Protein Package

Oatein is a British brand with a big dream to bring delicious oaty, high-protein goodness to health-minded individuals.

Founded in late 2015 by John-Paul Gardner and Andy Dixon, Oatein has grown from a small healthy snack business to a global brand found around the world in over 55 countries. The company is currently based in the seaside town of Whitley Bay where they first started, a few miles north of the Tyne Estuary where the River Tyne meets the North Sea. Continue reading “Behind The Brand: Oatein | With Protein Package”

Protein Snack Recipes for Building Mass

Ready to slap on some size? The only real calculation for those looking to bulk up or slim down is a simple one: calories in vs calories out. However, if you’re looking to do more than just put on/lose weight and actually build solid muscle, you need to ensure that the calories you consume are composed of vital micronutrients and macronutrients – especially protein.
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